Heat Roster for Season 2011/2012

Here are the players on the Miami Heat basketball team for the season of 2011/2012:

50 Joel Anthony C 6-9 245 08/09/1982 Nevada-Las Vegas 4
31 Shane Battier F-G 6-8 220 09/09/1978 Duke 10
1 Chris Bosh F 6-11 235 03/24/1984 Georgia Tech 8
15 Mario Chalmers G 6-2 190 05/19/1986 Kansas 3
30 Norris Cole G 6-2 170 10/13/1988 Cleveland State R
34 Eddy Curry C 7-0 295 12/05/1982 Thornwood HS (IL) 9
32 Mickell Gladness C 6-11 220 07/26/1986 Alabama A&M R
14 Terrel Harris G 6-5 190 08/10/1987 Oklahoma State R
40 Udonis Haslem F 6-8 235 06/09/1980 Florida 8
5 Juwan Howard F 6-9 250 02/07/1973 Michigan 17
6 LeBron James F 6-8 250 12/30/1984 St. Vincent-St. Mary HS (OH) 8
22 James Jones F 6-8 215 10/04/1980 Miami (Fla.) 8
13 Mike Miller F 6-8 218 02/19/1980 Florida 11
45 Dexter Pittman C 6-11 308 03/02/1988 Texas 1
3 Dwyane Wade G 6-4 220 01/17/1982 Marquette 8

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Regular Season Schedule 2011/2012

As you know, the 2011/2012 season starts late and is shorter than a regular season, with just 66 games, of which ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBATV will broadcast 27 games (that is 2 games less than in the last season!).

Here are the dates for the Miami Heat (Game at Miami AmericanAirlines Arena in Bold, national broadcast as indicated)


Sun 25     @ Dallas        2:30pm 
Tue 27     Boston       8:00pm 
Wed 28     @ Charlotte        7:00pm
Fri 30     @ Minnesota        8:00pm


Sun 01     Charlotte       6:00pm
Mon 02     Atlanta       7:30pm
Wed 04     Indiana       7:30pm
Thu 05     @ Atlanta        8:00pm 
Sat 07     @ New Jersey        7:30pm
Tue 10     @ Golden State        10:30pm
Wed 11     @ LA Clippers        10:30pm 
Fri 13     @ Denver        10:30pm 
Tue 17     San Antonio       7:30pm
Thu 19     LA Lakers       8:00pm 
Sat 21     Philadelphia       7:30pm
Sun 22     Milwaukee       6:00pm
Tue 24     Cleveland       7:30pm
Wed 25     @ Detroit        7:30pm
Fri 27     New York       8:00pm 
Sun 29     Chicago       3:30pm 
Mon 30     New Orleans       7:30pm


Wed 01     @ Milwaukee        8:00pm
Fri 03     @ Philadelphia        7:00pm
Sun 05     Toronto       1:00pm
Tue 07     Cleveland       7:30pm
Wed 08     @ Orlando        7:00pm
Fri 10     @ Washington        7:00pm
Sun 12     @ Atlanta        7:00pm 
Mon 13     @ Milwaukee        8:00pm
Tue 14     @ Indiana        7:00pm
Fri 17     @ Cleveland        7:30pm
Sun 19     Orlando       3:30pm 
Tue 21     Sacramento       7:30pm
Thu 23     New York       7:00pm 


Thu 01     @ Portland        10:30pm 
Fri 02     @ Utah        9:00pm
Sun 04     @ LA Lakers        3:30pm 
Tue 06     New Jersey       7:30pm
Wed 07     Atlanta       7:30pm 
Sat 10     Indiana       7:30pm
Tue 13     @ Orlando        7:00pm
Wed 14     @ Chicago        8:00pm 
Fri 16     @ Philadelphia        7:00pm 
Sun 18     Orlando       7:00pm 
Tue 20     Phoenix       7:30pm
Fri 23     @ Detroit        7:30pm
Sun 25     @ Oklahoma City        8:00pm 
Mon 26     @ Indiana        7:00pm
Thu 29     Dallas       8:00pm 
Fri 30     @ Toronto        7:00pm


Sun 01     @ Boston        3:30pm 
Tue 03     Philadelphia       7:30pm
Wed 04     Oklahoma City       8:00pm 
Fri 06     Memphis       7:30pm
Sun 08     Detroit       6:00pm
Tue 10     Boston       7:00pm 
Thu 12     @ Chicago        8:00pm 
Fri 13     Charlotte       7:30pm
Sun 15     @ New York        1:00pm 
Mon 16     @ New Jersey        7:30pm
Wed 18     Toronto       7:30pm
Thu 19     Chicago       8:00pm
Sat 21     Washington       7:30pm
Sun 22     Houston       6:00pm 
Tue 24     @ Boston        8:00pm 
Thu 26     @ Washington        8:00pm

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Eight-word tweet by Miami Heat Micky Arison owner speaks volumes

It appears that there is a rift among the NBA owners, and the NBA commissioner wants to sweep it under the carpet.

Plain old censorship.

It is ridiculous enough that players and owners can’t come up how to divide the pie the rest of us can’t even imagine. After it is divided among the participants. Not to speak of local businesses around the sites who now have to sit out this drought.

It is a dispute among the so-called small-market owners and the rest. Don’t these smo’s are hurting their markets even more by taking a such a hard stance?

So in order to spread the word around visit links below this post for more detailed information.

Click here to visit the original source of this post

For more details about the Twitter exchanges click here

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LeBron James to the NFL?

There have been reports that Miami Heat Star LeBron James has been practicing with the Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary varsity football team.

With the NBA lockout dragging on, what else can you do with your time.

Is he considering a career change?

BrainTurnedOff took the liberty to do some image editing to give you an impression how it would look like…

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T-Shirts available

Want to show you’re a fan of the Miami Heat basketball team?

Here is an affordable offer of T-Shirts with the names and numbers of the Big Three.

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Join our new forum

We have created a forum on this site where you can express your opinions about the Miami Heat Dream Team.

It’s free.

Visit this forum to join.

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One is not a team

Dwayne Wade is still out and likely will be for the rest of the preseason.

Meanwhile LeBron James also suffered a hamstring injury in the CSKA Moscow game last week, with him missing the whole game next day in New Orleans. That left Chris Bosh as the only active member of the trio in that game, and the Heat lost it to the Hornets 90-76.

So one apparently is not enough. Bosh was, however, sitting out the 2nd and 4th period, played only 23 minutes. In the 3rd the Heat rallied with him from a 45-29 deficit to a 65-64 lead.

James was back in the Bobcats game Monday, better than ever: He scored 33 points, the highest so far by any player in this preseason. The Heat lost though, 102-96.

One can argue it is the preseason, but it so for the other teams, too. The trio has played together just below 200 seconds so far. If two of them are on the court, the Heat seem to advance well, but if only one is on the court, it is no different as it was for any of them in their respective previous teams.

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197 seconds

After 3 minutes, 17 seconds, the Big Three were reduced to the Big Two, after Dwayne Wade pulled out with a strained right hamstring. He scored 2, while LeBron James and Chris Bosh scored 18 and 20 points, respectively, in last night’s 105-89 preseason opener win against Detroit.

Wade said, he might miss 2 weeks. Regular season opener is three weeks away.

A curse of LeBron? The Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert said that LeBron will be talking ‘curse’ with him down south, until he does ‘right’ by Cleveland and Ohio.

Even if he does, the parking costs within comfortable distance most likely won’t go down from $30 (and up) back to $15 charged for Heat games at the AA in the past few years.

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Dishing out

Just in time for the first preseason game tonight, several Fox regional sports channels have disappeared from the Dish Network lineup, including Fox Sports Florida and Sun Sports.

The channels disappeared after Dish refused what it said was a more than 50 percent price increase Fox demanded to carry the sports programming.

There are only two Heats’ preseason games that will be carried by non-Fox channels.

The dispute between Dish Network and Fox is the latest in a number of face-offs pitting TV content companies against cable and satellite providers. However, while other providers get some kind of agreement just in time, Dish has a reputation for dropping channels. Remember GOLTV two years ago? Dish has also temporarily dropped the National Geographic Channel. But Sports fans can probably live without NGC.

The are 19 Fox regional sports channels nationwide networks Dish Network is no longer carrying.

Read more: Heat opener runs into Fox/Dish dispute – South Florida Business Journal

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LeBron’s popularity drops

Perhaps to no one’s surprise, LeBron’s James popularity has dropped.

According to a CNBC report, the Q Scores company, which does this kind of popularity poll, views LeBron’s negative popularity at 39 percent, while his positive popularity is at 14 percent.

In January, his positive popularity was at 24 percent – a 41 percent drop since then. The negative popularity then was at 22 percent.

The average sports athlete’s popularity is about 15 percent positive and 24 percent negative.

The current negative figure places James on position # 6 among the most disliked sports celebrities, just behind Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco and Kobe Bryant.

These polls are conducted on a national level. So I guess there are regional differences. I would assume there are worse around Cleveland and better in South Florida.

Does it matter? Probably not so much. The Heat are going into training camp now, and we will see how he and the other team mates work it out.

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