New Dream Team in town

Last week it became clear that there might be a dream team assembled to play for the Miami Heat.  The 3 players, Chris Bosh , LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, will receive about $110 million each, for a minimum of 4 years (6 years with possibility to opt out in 2014).

Shall I get exited about?

I have been in South Florida for about the same time as the Miami Heat is in existence (1988). The first few seasons were soso. Then in 1995 they hired Pat Riley. who coached the Nicks and the Lakers before then. They had 4 division championships in a row, but nothing more. Later they had 3 of them in row, and won the NBA championship in 2006. In 2008 they were as bad as after their first season, just 15-67, but overall not a bad record, with finishing the division first in half of the seasons, half of the rest they got into the playoffs under Riley as coach or president.

Now the trio.

Dwayne Wade already played for the Miami Heat since 2003, while the others are coming from Cleveland and Toronto. Coincidentally, all three have been in the same NBA draft pick of 2003.

There was so much hype here in S.F. They even renamed Miami-Dade County to “Miami-Wade County” to keep Dwayne Wade here, but I really don’t think they changed the streets signs or the letter heads.

And then the ESPN special of LeBron James’ decision.

They are saying here that the South Florida economy should get a boost. Well it is a boost for the trio, as each of them, over a total of 6 years, will get $1.5 million per month, or $50000 per day.

For the rest of us – we will see.

I will be watching.

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