One is not a team

Dwayne Wade is still out and likely will be for the rest of the preseason.

Meanwhile LeBron James also suffered a hamstring injury in the CSKA Moscow game last week, with him missing the whole game next day in New Orleans. That left Chris Bosh as the only active member of the trio in that game, and the Heat lost it to the Hornets 90-76.

So one apparently is not enough. Bosh was, however, sitting out the 2nd and 4th period, played only 23 minutes. In the 3rd the Heat rallied with him from a 45-29 deficit to a 65-64 lead.

James was back in the Bobcats game Monday, better than ever: He scored 33 points, the highest so far by any player in this preseason. The Heat lost though, 102-96.

One can argue it is the preseason, but it so for the other teams, too. The trio has played together just below 200 seconds so far. If two of them are on the court, the Heat seem to advance well, but if only one is on the court, it is no different as it was for any of them in their respective previous teams.

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